Friday, April 10, 2009

My New Book - 'Awareness: Images to aid Meditation'

Images to aid medit...
By Mark F Chaddock

A few years ago, a friend I met while living here on Achill, taught me how to meditate. To cut to the chase, I had expressed an interest in meditation and buddhism, particularly Tibetan buddhism, and he had experience of a Zen buddhist monastery. He knew the 'techniques' to achieve a state of 'no thought', but warned me it wasn't easy. It wasn't easy, but it was immensely rewarding, and I continue to benefit now some ten years later, and still practice in my own humble way.
I have, over the years, acquired a couple of buddha statues, some malla beads, a few books on buddhism, and practised with varying degrees of intensity. Then, last year, an idea came to me to give something back. This little book of black and white images, of a buddha statue and some arranged natural objects, is the result - my attempt to convey the unity, balance, and harmony of mind achieved through the continuing practice of meditation. I hope it is beneficial. The book is dedicated to all sentient beings. It was published today. See link above.

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