Sunday, July 5, 2009

Exclusive photos from Achill's 2009 half-marathon!

As promised here are some pics from Achill's 2009 half-marathon. Over 2000 tense entrants lined up at the start this year at Keel village. There was excitement in the air too as bagpipers marched the entrants to the start line.
I watched them set off then shot round to Dugort village to be ready for the leader coming through. First though I slipped into the cafe there and sampled an excellent seafood chowder and was sipping my cappucino when somebody excitedly announced the leader was coming through.
And there he was storming through like a gazelle, nobody else in sight. So, I positioned myself by a nice race marshall (Clare Sweeney from Achill) and cheered and clapped and took photos from every angle possible.
They came through in a myriad outfits, some black, some fluoroscent and some bedraggled. It poured down then the sun came out, and the sky turned blue as they came pounding through in hordes with smiles and waves and ready quips.
It was brilliant. My hands ached with clapping for two hours or more, and my shutter finger was sore; so bad in fact that I had to retire back inside the cafe for fortification with another bowl of seafood chowder brimming with salmon and coley.
I don't know who won. It doesn't matter. As the old cliché goes - It's the taking part that matters. I'm glad I did. And, having recovered, I'll be back next year for more!
I just rememered - Achill Seafood Festival is fast approaching! - 9 - 13th July - then it Ireland's 1st National Powerboat Games that are being held here at Achill and the games are centred around the new island bridge. I can't wait!

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