Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Reminder To Myself

This is a photo of mine. I shoot a lot of abstracts since I studied fine art at Castlebar GMIT. These are my 'light paintings'.

I am up to a few things at the moment:

1. I am moving towards getting painting again - I paint squiggly things in mixed media, mostly - it's called 'abstract expressionism.'
2. I am waiting for results from some competition, image, and poetry submissions
3. I am in the process of choosing what to read on my poetry cd. - as well as where to launch it.
4. I am thinking if I had to submit 10 framed photos for an exhibition which would they be.
5. I am submitting poetry manuscripts to appropriate publishers.
6. I am writing my first full-length play.
7. I am attempting to get back into writing my first novel.
8. I am trying to keep this writing blog going.

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