Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Schmap 2009 Galway City Guide

I was so pleased to receive an E-mail the other day informing me that one of my photos had been selected to appear in this year's Schmap guide to Galway city. I am thrilled with the image that was chosen. As well as it being one of my personal favourites, it is quite a contemporary semi-abstract image using mannequins and reflections.
Galway city is such a colourful, vibrant, cosmopolitan place to visit with a camera that each time I am like a child in a sweet shop. I don't run out of creative enthusiasm until I have shot about two hundred images. I know this is right because I have counted the total each time. There aren't many places that would be able to sustain continuous creative inspiration for three hours.

This image, (copyright Mark Chaddock), is now on the 2009 Schmap guide available for use on mobile phones and ipods and my image is in the 'museum' section. Happy shooting!http://www.schmap.com/galway/sights_universityarea/p=106624/i=106624_3.jpg

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