Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chasing the Light!

Last evening was a lovely evening. So I hopped in the car and got myself down to Keel where I knew the light would be pretty good, and not only that - I would be rewarded with great seascapes/cloudscapes/beachscapes.
And I wasn't wrong. Over the course of an hour or two the sea went out, the clouds constantly changed, and I ran about like a mad thing - lying on the beach, looking backwards through my legs, balancing on one arm. But it was well worth it because I shot about 150 images. Many good images, some great images, and some even better!
Though they were all shot in colour I wanted to show you some I converted to good old black and white. I reckon you can't beat a b&W well-printed image with a full range of tones from black through to white, with a white board over-mat and with a simple black frame. Instant art! It looks so cool it's timeless. So, I hope you like them - because I do :) Oh, all right, I'll post the colour versions next time.
ps. - left-click to see images on white background individually.

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