Sunday, June 7, 2009

Father Mountain Island Poem

The sun moves its hand
over the blue waves
up onto the land
huddled on the green hillside
white cottages smile

the blue mountain looks on
it knows everything about the island
the mountain knows the blue sky
the white clouds the ocean
the track through the moor;
they are brothers and sisters.

the mountain is the island's guardian
everything comes and goes but the big mountain
it blesses the island
it protects its people
it sustains and nourishes

the mountain is the centre
round which everything moves
all spin about it
making stories out of time -
it is the island's axis

the mountain watches but does not respond
the mountain is the island's memory
the mountain is the island's Father
it stands outside time
it absorbs all without judgement
the mountain's love is all-embracing

sunlight plays on its wisdom lines
wind plays about its head
rain replenishes its skin.

(c) Mark F Chaddock 2009

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