Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open Mic Night!

Following a rather hectic month of book-launches, readings and festivals (the literary kind!) I took a well-deserved self-awarded break yesterday and sauntered over to Enniscoe house with my good wife, Eileen, and spent a few hours partaking in age-old genteel customs like afternoon tea and scones (and they were scrummy-licious - fresh baked, still hot so that the butter melted and the jam...I digress!) and strolls in the beech woods; including a diversion to follow a sign enticingly pointing the way to the 'Pleasure Grounds' which we never found and retired exhausted to sit in the shade while appreciating the delphinium spires. Not, however, before having a nose at the 'Big House' though; well, you have to don't you - to try and catch a glimpse of how they live; they were out, I think!
Oh, yes! The 1st Open Mic Night on Achill island at Gielty's pub (the most westerly pub in the whole of Ireland) went fabulously with poets coming from as far away as Swinford and Westport. We heard some great poetry and some very fine songs were provided by Alan Gielty.
On the night we also raffled an Irish folk melodeon which everyone wanted to win. The lady who won it has already signed up for lessons with this year's Scoil Acla Summerschool. The traditional music that followed, by the regular trad. musicians, really went down a storm. Oh, and I seem to recall a lot of Guinness was consumed.
The next night is to be held on Saturday, 11th July at 8.30pm through to ....
Hoping to see you there - if you plan to perform you need to register by 9pm. All Free and All are Welcome. As many singer/songwriters and poets as possible and if you want to just listen or have a favourite poem or two you'd like to read to an appreciative and supportive audience...there's no finer place! Catch Achill's latest cultural Nightlife - Open Mic Poetry & Music Night!

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