Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finding the Colour!

Okay. So here are the colour versions after a tweak in Flickr's 'lightroom' (left-click on images to see them individually and better quality). I like them, and so do other people going by initial reactions - especially the one with the pebbles in the foreground.
These were shot on 9MB fine files on a Fuji Finepix S9600 camera at 100ASA, hand-held for those of you that are tech/gadget buffs. I can barely press the button!
One useful thing this camera does have is a great feature which will show you if your exposure is capturing all that lovely detail or not so you can make adjustments before you even shoot. This allows you to capture both highlight and shadow detail - or else to sacrifice one or the other if the latitude of light is so great that the in-camera processor cannot capture it all. The point being that you are the one in control - making decisions based on info; an informed choice. Not the camera's idea of what picture IT wants!
Happy shooting - by the way you can get this camera for about £200 on It is packed with features and is very similar to the old SLRs except; it has a fixed soom lens covering 28 - 300mm in old money.
I still like the black and whites :)

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