Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art for All!

Art is not something that is exclusive to some people and not to others. Art is, of course, the end product of creative expression. Each of us has access to our own divine creativity. But, in order to access it we must first 'unblock' from the negative programming preventing us from doing it. This then allows creative energy to flow unhindered.
In my own case it has been a long journey of self-doubt and placing artists on pedestals (my cultural conditioning). Art, in my family, was something that only happened to other people. What finally unblocked me was meditation. Quite an intensive few months of meditating (Eastern style) twice daily. Then, having accessed my creativity and 'purified' to a degree, creative enegy was free to flow unhindered.
Eight years later, I have been published in local newspapers; poetry anthologies; published five books of poetry; studied Fine Art Painting at a local IT College; read poetry around my County; been a member of two writing groups; written and had a play performed; published two books of photographic images; am in the process of a Creative Writing course with Lancaster University; writing my first novel, and a number of other projects.
Not bad for somebody only active in art for the past eight years. But I don't tell you this in order to boast, but to point out that if I can do it, anyone can. As i said previously, each of us is an artist yet to unfold. it is within each of us. We just have to get past the negativity, the lack of self-belief, the often clumsy remarks by other people that make us contract rather than expand.
In my experience, the key was to follow a path of spiritual practice; meditation is a well known way of accessing creativity. Often, creativity flows unhindered when we reduce our 'mind-chatter', the incessant commentary of our egos. There are many ways to do this and there are many books available on the subject if you wish to follow that course.
The only real and consistent way to make art is to do it. That may sound like a cop out, but it isn't. You can think about art forever, fantasise about art all your life, but unless you actually turn up regularly and make a start you aren't producing art. So, just do it. It isn't cast in stone. It can be edited, altered, thrown away and started again, but the point is to get started. Even if it is only to find out what doesn't work. This may lead to what does work, what seems worth pursuing, it allows reflection. A blank page or canvas doesn't.
So, Art doesn't exclude. People do that. Art, Creativity, is a gift everyone has. And the beauty of it is that the more you let go, the more Art turns up to meet you.

Best Wishes for all our Art.

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