Monday, May 4, 2009

Winter landscapes

This winter I looked forward with eager anticipation to capturing some images of my local mountains, the Corraun hills, on film/file. As I can literally take the shots from my own front door, which is exactly where these two images were taken from, this was never going to prove too difficult. All I had to do was wait for a decent fall and point my lens east to the Irish mainland (I live on an island) over Achill Sound, make a reasonably pleasing, dramatic composition, and SHOOT! Here are the results which, I am quite pleased with.
One has to be careful that snowy landscapes do not end up seriously underexposed. This is easily acieved with todays modern digital cameras which tend to do it all for you. In the old days with conventional film we would have to take a reading off 'middle grey' which meters were calibrated for - a 'grey card' was used if you were really serious which you carried with you as an essential part of your kit. Nowadays, so much can be corrected at the editing stage in a digital darkroom, including brightness, contrast, colour saturation, hue, among many other things.
So, here are my images after a heavy snowfall, taken with the 300mm telephoto end of a zoom lens and tweaked just a little in my 'darkroom'. I hope you like them.

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