Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Powers that Be

Well, the Gods must truly be smiling on me this week. Not only am I thrilled to be launching my poetry book 'The Ordinary Miracle' on Achill island tomorrow evening, but The Mayo News have kindly published another poem of mine titled 'Communion' from the book collection in this week's Poetry slot on p24. It is a poem that has great meaning for me as my mother passed away eight years ago. I hope you like it.

COMMUNION by Mark F Chaddock
i.m. of Annie Josephine Cleary/Chaddock

Whenever you came back to Ireland
you had to touch water
whether ocean, or lough, or river,
a rite performed in reverential silence -
as though coaxing some memory your ancestry shared -
of which I had no part;
one cupped hand gently immersed,
then the slow, precious lift,
the shake of clear, sparkling droplets,
and that smile that almost
broke into a laugh:

What was that feeling I couldn't divine, Mother?
Was it the Salmon's pulse beating at the Nation's heart?

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